The St. Joseph Downtown Association is a voluntary organization of business firms and individuals interested in revitalizing downtown St. Joseph, Missouri. The purposes of the St. Joseph Downtown Association include:

  1. Promotion of downtown St. Joseph for the welfare of downtown residents, businesses, and all the residents of St. Joseph.
  2. Working for the redevelopment and revitalization of downtown St. Joseph.
  3. Promotion of communication among the residents, business owners, property owners, community organizations, educational institutions, and local government on issues regarding downtown St. Joseph.
  4. The maintenance of the integrity of the downtown retail market for the benefits of the residents of downtown and all of St. Joseph.
  5. The development of unified promotion efforts.
  6. The recruitment, development, and retention of downtown businesses.

Become A Member

Please show your support for Downtown by joining the St. Joseph Downtown Association. It is the strength of numbers that make the organization strong.  Help make 2020 – 2021 a year of continued growth and activity!

Membership in the St. Joseph Downtown Association is very affordable. Memberships are available to individuals and businesses. For businesses, membership fees are based on the number of employees that you currently have.

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